Allow Us To Die Now: More People Applying For Assisted Suicide In South Africa


After a Cape Town lawyer Robin Stransham-Ford made history by being the first person to be allowed to die in South Africa, more and more people are going to court hoping to be granted their death wish.

Dignity South Africa, a nonprofit organisation that helped the Cape Town advocate obtain the right to die says 3 more people have come forward asking it to help them die.

Dignity SA spokesperson Lee Last said the organization, which supported Stransham-Ford, was preparing three new cases with the aim to change the constitutional law to allow assisted suicides for terminally ill people.

“These are urgent matters and they will be presented in court soon,” Last said.

Dignity SA was protecting applicants’ identities from the media.

Judge Hans Fabricius granted the order two hours after Stransham-Ford died on April 30.

The government has since tried to have the judge rescind the ruling but the judge refused saying that the court has a right to issue such ruling.

Dignity SA lawyers say that the government has no business trying to influence or overturn the court’s decision because the government itself is guided by the constitutional court so it can’t tell the law what to or not to do.

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