Happy Holidays Fam: Love, Give & Be Mary This Christmas


Sevafricans, it’s been a great year together, this year more than any other years, we grew, we learned and we almost flourished as a site. A fresh set of articles and style of writing made our blog exciting to read and the bold lay out was nothing short of beautiful.

I hope we did more than just entertain you; we also informed and educated you which is the main aim of this website and blog.

As we come close to ending this year we at Sevafrica.com would like to wish our readers both old and new a merry Christmas and a fabulous happy new year, thank you for choosing us in a gazillion websites and blogs that exist.

For the coming year many changes will be introduced and we hope you will receive them with open hearts and minds, until next year be marry, be joyous and giving this festive season.

Be sure to keep it logged on all our social media pages, our Home website www.sevafrica.com, WordPress: sevafrica.wordpress.com/ and our Facebook page , for everything educational, entertainment, business and more.

Love Sevafrica team.


Stay In your Lane: Driver Refuses To Give Way To A Law Breaking Taxi Driver

Not today Satan

A mini car driver has been hailed a hero well on social network after he refused to give way to law breaking taxi driver.

A short clip uploaded on Facebook by an anonymous individual shows a mini kombi (taxi), jumping the line and driving through a wrong way trying to avoid the starling afternoon traffic.


What the taxi driver didn’t bank on is the driver on the oncoming lane standing his ground and refusing to let him pass, forcing him to back but none of the drivers would give him a gap so he had to move all the way to the back of the traffic which was roughly 30/ 40 cars.

People on Facebook have hailed the mini car driver a hero for standing up to a taxi driver they (taxi drivers) have a rather stealing reputation of jumping lines, driving in wrong lanes, being rude among the other things.

Watch the video here.


Millionare Cleared Of Rape After Telling Court He “Accidentally Fell On His Victim”


A millionaire has been cleared of raping a teenager he says he fell on top of by accident.

Ehsan Abdulaziz, 46, had taken the 18-year-old back to his apartment in his Aston Martin after they met in a nightclub.

She told police she later woke up to find Mr Abdulaziz having sex with her.

The married father had already had sex with her 24-year-old friend who had come back to the £1 million property with them.

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Confession Of A Selective Homophobe


Like many other people in the world I believe that people should do what makes them happy, as long as it doesn’t interfere or abuse me or any other person in any way.

My religious and social life views are exactly that [mine] alone I do not try to shove them down anybody’s trough.

Things have been fine for most my life, but in the previous months my very close friend who is very rebellious and naughty, has taken in a new “habit” of dating girls, mind you she is also a girl.

This new lesbian or bisexual habit of hers doesn’t sit well with me, and I have been up front with her but she brushes it off and laughs about my “paranoia” so she calls it, I’ve had few close gay friends and my own cousin is a lesbian and that never offended me or made me “paranoid” in any way.

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Be gone with the wind fabulous or risk doing time in a fashion jail.


Wear sun screen when you are going out especially when going to the beach. Sun screen is vital for everyone because it protects you from sun damage that could cause cancer.

Wear clothes that suits your body type; if you are a big girl wear big girl’s clothes and same goes for skinny girls. Baggy clothes were a thing in the 90’s, in the millennium they are a no no unless you are in a P Daddy music video.

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