Decorating a Gender- Neutral Nursery



So you have shared the good news with your friends and family that you’re pregnant! It is so exciting to have a new addition to the family but it is possible that your mind is a complete overload thinking through all that needs to be prepared before his/her arrival.

One of those fun preparations that you probably cannot wait to get started with is decorating the nursery.

So are you ready to shop till you drop? But wait, one little hick up, you don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl!  Well we all look forward to surprises.

This is a challenge if you are looking to design a nursery, but worry not! Simply follow these helpful tips on how to design a neutral nursery.

Colour and Textures

So we’ve heard that blue is for boys and pink is for girls, in the 22nd  century you still need to respect tradition, shy away from these two colours, rather go for soft yellows.

If you choose to ignore the rules, it’s okay you can play around with soft blue, here and there.

For the walls sunny hues are great.

The crib

Again shy away from the labeled Cribs, remember you preparing for a neutral baby room, rather opt for a white or oak crib, as these are very neutral colours.

Baby storage

Plain white is still the most suitable for a neutral room, but if you feel it’s too plain blue polka dots is also awesome.

Dipper changing table

Here you should consider both shape and colour, be artistic, choose something that will appeal to both sex, choose a hexagon shaped table rather than the plain square.

Moses Basket

Make no mistake these are the best baby accessories and they don’t go out of fashion. If you are getting one for your little angel, pick the neutral Badger Basket, natural hooded Moses Basket with sage dot bedding. They are unisex and timeless.

Hope you got the idea now, that it’s all about picking neutral colours and textures. Good luck with your decor.