Millionare Cleared Of Rape After Telling Court He “Accidentally Fell On His Victim”


A millionaire has been cleared of raping a teenager he says he fell on top of by accident.

Ehsan Abdulaziz, 46, had taken the 18-year-old back to his apartment in his Aston Martin after they met in a nightclub.

She told police she later woke up to find Mr Abdulaziz having sex with her.

The married father had already had sex with her 24-year-old friend who had come back to the £1 million property with them.

He insists the teenager tried to seduce him and had called police when he refused her advances.

Asked to explain why swabs taken from the girl contained his DNA, Mr Abdulaziz said it was because he fell on her after having sex with her friend.

The jury took just 30 minutes to clear him of rape on Tuesday.

His QC, Jason Bartfeld, said the teenager had lied because she was embarrassed Mr Abdulaziz did not want to have sex with her.

Afterwards, Mr Abdulaziz, who is both a London property developer and leader of an Islamic political party in Iraqi Kurdistan, said the trial had cost him his good name.

“My reputation has been ruined around the world,” he said.

“Everything that has been said and written is false.

“I don’t know why she accused me of this. I have asked for an explanation but I have not got one.”

During the trial at Southwark Crown Court, the jury was told Mr Abdulaziz had known the older woman for seven months.

On the date in question he had invited her and her friend to join him at his £1 000-a-night table at the Cirque le Soir club in Soho.

He bought them drinks before taking them to his flat in Maida Vale where he gave them vodka and Ferrero Rocher chocolates before having consensual sex twice with the older woman.

The court heard the teenager, who had taken cocaine, went to sleep on the sofa. She says she awoke at 4.30am with Mr Abdulaziz on top of her.

Outlining the case last week, Jonathan Davies, prosecuting, told the jury the girl asked Mr Abdulaziz what he was doing and he replied: “It’s fine” – indicating that her friend was asleep.

After failing to wake up her friend – leading her to fear she might be dead – she fled the flat.

Mr Davies said: “She was very upset about what had happened to her and – because she couldn’t wake her friend – she called two friends. She then called the police.”

When Mr Abdulaziz was arrested, he told officers: “She’ll have to prove it.”

He said he had woken her to offer her a T-shirt to sleep in – or to offer to pay for a taxi home – but that she pulled him on top of her.

After swabs taken from the teenager showed traces of his bodily fluids, he said this may have happened because because he fell on her as she pulled him down.

Mr Abdulaziz said he was wearing only his underpants when he went into the sitting room to offer the girl the T-shirt and get himself a drink of water.

“Her eyes were closed, she opened her eyes straight away, it was like a giggle and straight away she kissed me and I kissed her back,” he said.

“I’m not proud of it, but I would never have done anything else.”

He claimed she put her hand on the back of his head, then placed his hand between her legs.

“She was embarrassed because she knew I wasn’t up for anything.”

He said it was possible he had semen on his hands after the sexual encounter with her friend and this accounted for why it was found on the teenager.

When asked if he was “kind” to the two girls, he replied: “I’m kind with every human being, I was exactly how any gentleman should behave with a lady.”

Mr Abdulaziz’s wife and their ten-year-old son were away in her native Czech Republic at the time.

He said he and his wife were separated, kept separate bedrooms and had not had sex for eight years.

He said he had not gone to the club in August last year to pick up girls.

During the trial, Judge Martin Griffiths took the highly unusual step of allowing 20 minutes of his evidence to be heard in private.

Mr Abdulaziz’s party is allied to the main opposition in Kurdistan.

Originally from Iraq, he moved to the UK 25 years ago.

Source: Daily mail

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