Be gone with the wind fabulous or risk doing time in a fashion jail.


Wear sun screen when you are going out especially when going to the beach. Sun screen is vital for everyone because it protects you from sun damage that could cause cancer.

Wear clothes that suits your body type; if you are a big girl wear big girl’s clothes and same goes for skinny girls. Baggy clothes were a thing in the 90’s, in the millennium they are a no no unless you are in a P Daddy music video.

Wear a lip balm or gloss, chappy lips are not attractive.

Invest on a beautiful summery dress, the polka dots and floral are in this year so go along those lines when you go shopping for your dress.

Wear beach sandals or any casual sandals out with the boots that you wore all winter long. It’s time to show your feet and let them breath, your spring/ summer season is not complete if you don’t have these.

Paint your nails (especially the toe nails); colored nails look beautiful in sandals. And keep it bright and funky.

Buy that beautiful beach hat, they are a good accessory and they complete your beach look beautifully.

Wear a sarong on top of your swim suit to cover up those little unpleasant areas.


nah fam

Never wear low cut jeans… wait before you judge me too harshly this one is reserved for those of us who have a spider web( stretch marks) we know it’s not your fault but it aint ours too. Just stay away from low cut if you have contolines we rather not be traumatized.

Wear a small bra if you have big boobs just go for the D, E’s it’s so nasty and disgusting when boobs pop out and you end up looking like you have two boobs in each side.

Wear a very short dress when you are big. Yes big woman are beautiful and should embrace their curves but , that doesn’t mean wear a skimpy dress that will fit posh when you are Precious’s size. Big thighs with orange peel (cellulite) are very traumatizing. They should be kept out of sight.

Don’t show too much flesh again, the flabby arms and back cleavage. Advice from me; cover up.

The red weave, please all those colorful weaves are just not on. Rather leave them for the Rihanna’s and Beyonce’s of the music video world. No matter what color your skin is these things look creepy in real life. Stay away from them.


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