Each To Their Own: Open in new window Gothic Themed Wedding Dress

the bloodMany women are shunning tradition and choosing wedding themes that reflect their personalities. Although many brides might choose mermaid on the beach or salsa in their backyard some women are going gothic! A gothic themed wedding is not the obvious wedding as it seems far from romantic and more like a freak show.

Gothic weddings are quite popular, so much so that Las Vegas even has a whole gothic wedding package. You are never alone in Las Vegas if you want to try something ‘different’.

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It Was A Plot: Indian Groom Who’s Fiancée Married A Guest On Their Wedding Day Says His In-laws Drugged Him So She Could Marry Secret Lover.

suppliedIndian couple who married international headlines earlier this month when a bride dropped his groom and married a guest on their wedding setting because the actual groom allegedly suffered a seizure are at it again.

The almost groom has come out to tell his side of the story.

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Epitome Of Self Love: 40 Year Old Woman Marries Herself

Too much I take myself to be my lawfully wedded wife? It was a full on celebratory affair, complete with flowers, beautiful venue, food and bridesmaids and all the little things that make up a beautiful wedding but it lacked one significant part, a husband. Yasmin Eleby promised herself that if she turns 40 has not yet found a partner willing to marry her she will marry herself and that she did. Continue reading

Bucket List Things: 5 Countries to Visit Before You Die

nice wallThere are many great countries to travel in the world but there are some which you are almost required to see firsthand. Travel is becoming more affordable as cheaper international flights increase, making it easier than ever to get out and visit the world. It is rather difficult to choose just 5 places since there are so many beautiful destinations in the world and it actually boils down to a matter of opinion. Here are 5 places we think everybody must see.

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State Of The Art: Museums Worth Seeing In SA

apartheid04aNot saying others are not worth a chance but these are state of the art.

These are scattered places that hold momentum of South African history you cannot find anywhere else in the world, take a short left to one of these museums and discover tons of history packed on dusty shelves.

Luthuli Museum

A former home of Albert Luthuli a former struggle hero and ANC president is situated in KwaDukuza at the north Cost of Kwa Zulu Natal.

The Museum was officially opened in August 2001, and has been recognized as one of South Africa’s heritage sites. Who wouldn’t want to see what used to be the home of the very first African Nobel prize winner?

Nelson Mandela Museum

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