Stay In your Lane: Driver Refuses To Give Way To A Law Breaking Taxi Driver

Not today Satan

A mini car driver has been hailed a hero well on social network after he refused to give way to law breaking taxi driver.

A short clip uploaded on Facebook by an anonymous individual shows a mini kombi (taxi), jumping the line and driving through a wrong way trying to avoid the starling afternoon traffic.


What the taxi driver didn’t bank on is the driver on the oncoming lane standing his ground and refusing to let him pass, forcing him to back but none of the drivers would give him a gap so he had to move all the way to the back of the traffic which was roughly 30/ 40 cars.

People on Facebook have hailed the mini car driver a hero for standing up to a taxi driver they (taxi drivers) have a rather stealing reputation of jumping lines, driving in wrong lanes, being rude among the other things.

Watch the video here.


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