Informational Interviews Are More Powerful Than a Cover Letters

power upWriting a good and convincing cover letter and putting the best resume is a skill and art everybody in the job market should learn and master but what if I told you that as important as this is there is something that could get you to your next job, faster?

From an experienced writer and person who has been in the job market for over a year now, read why informational interviews are important.

According to the UCLA career center an informational interview is, “a highly focused information gathering session with a networking contact designed to help you choose or refine your career path by giving you an ‘insider’ point of view.”

According Forbes writer , informational interviews are more beneficial than, thousands cover letter and applying for jobs you do not want, for this insider she says her conducting informational interviews making scoring gigs in her desired career and they were much more effective than endless cover letter and resumes she sent out Forbes Write.

Basics on informational interviews:

Informational interviews or meetings are basically schedule meetings with working professionals in your desired filled of work. This type of interview provides a rare opportunity to gain valuable, up-to-date knowledge about a specific business or industry from an “insider.”

While these types of interviews sometimes go around unnoticed and are somehow underrated they go a long way in getting you inside info, on what’s happening in the industry you want to get to, what the professionals want and give you unlimited opportunity to see yourself, that’s more time and space than a cover letter could ever allow you.

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Do You Have Questions For Us? Questions To Ask The Interviewer

ask somethingWhen you are going for an interview you have to be prepared to sell yourself well and that means, be ready to answer all questions and also ask your interviewer/s questions too if they award you a chance to do so.

Some of the opportunities the interviewers give the interviewee is to ask questions that yoou may have on your mind, having been to many interviews myself both as an interviewee and an interviewer I know from personal experience how disappointing it is when a person fails to ask questions.

What is the company’s management style?

This is to get an insight on the culture of the company so you will understand better what is required, should you get the job.

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All About That Bass: Research Shows That Curvier Women Produce More Intelligent Kids

blueIf you all about that base, your kids will be smarter than other kids. So says the latest research by Professor Will Lassek, a public-health epidemiologist at Pittsburgh University, Pennsylvania.

Prof says that women with bigger thighs, hips and butts have more intelligent kids; the secret to this according to this research is type of fat stored in these body parts.

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Standard Questions That Are Asked In Every Interview & How To Answer Them

standardGetting a call that invites you to a job interview is the best feeling anyone looking for employment can have, trust me I know.

As much as we prepare for the interview we don’t really know what the interviewer/s are going to ask, so we base our preparation on next to nothing things like company background and what we are going to offer the company.

On the other hand there are standard questions that are always asked during the interview, today we arm you with guidelines to answering those so called standard questions.

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