Six Things You Should Expect From Zola’s TV Show Utatakho

tata Mzansi magic announced that reality television crooner, actor and awarding winning kwaito musician Bonginkosi “Zola” Dlamini will be making his big TV come back on the channel’s Khumbulekhaya lit , Docuseries Utatakho. The show will use DNA test like in Maury / Jerry Springer and other famous American television shows to help find the real dad, knowing Zola is a class act his style will be very different from the rest but truth be told ratchet is bound to make a cameo in any reality show. So we put together 6 things that we foresee happening on Utatakho.

1 Ratchet moms, dance ma One mom of a 16/ 35 year old will be more than happy to bounce her behind, do a flat split on the floor while throwing her wig up in celebration after DNA confirms that Sipho is indeed the father of her 16 year old son.

Equally ratchet dads ratchet you know some men will celebrate not being a father. dance boo 2 Emotional freaks what's her pro Not just your usual kind of emotional the type that get so emotional you can’t help but laugh at their expression, not because their sadness bring you joy but their expression of it is just too funny.

3 weird questions & Laughable excuses she for real These are more likely to come from fathers and children, dad will be like “Dudu why mara”? And the kids will just make you cry with laughter, some mom will be singing the soil, “utatakho akandifuni” and some will use the old and tired excuse of I was young and more.

4 Money,money child-support-income-tax Trust derailed moms to want their back child support, a handful will be on some “Ye Sipho I want my money, I raised this boy alone for 16 years pay back, back child support”

Tears of the betrayed joseline-stevie-comedy There will be 1 or 2 dads who will find out with the rest of us that they have been raising the neigbhours kids and though their betrayal is nothing to laugh at some of us will laugh about it when they pull the crazy eyes and all the other gestures Jerry Springer has shown us for years. Black twitter field days You already know, black twitter has no chill when it comes to these kind of shows, don’t believe us? Look at what they do to Our Perfect wedding every Sunday without failure.

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