Greening Your Pleasure: Pornhub’s Wankband Let You Charge Your Phone By Masturbating

pornWell everyone is doing their bit to save the world; sex website pornhub has come up with a green way to satisfy both yourself and your mobile device.

The wankband as it is called is a device that you strip on your wrist while you shake your own, generates electricity via a valve that generates and stores energy when it’s moved up and down, according to the X-rated website, which claims to have the “Earth’s best interests in mind”.

wankersIt also has a USB that connects to laptops, tablets, cameras and many other electrical devices.

The energy is stored with an internal kinetic charger.


Who knew that Pornhub was this concerned about the environment?

Head Injury: Woman Tries To Kill Lover With Poison Infested Vijay jay

pain in

Lethal weapon 3?A Brazilian woman is being accused of attempting to murder after doctors found poison in her genitals.
According to Salon report a Brazilian man had to cut his chop down session with his partner and rush her to hospital after he noticed that she smelled funny in her privates when he attempted to give her the head (Oral sex).
The man says his lover asked him for a head game but he stopped when he smelled funny odors from her love cake and had to rush her to the hospital immediately because the poison was affecting her.

Bedroom Exhibitionists Have More Fun

LouderThe exhibitionists as they are called have more fun in the bed room compared to Steve and Beth who like to keep things “intimateand personal” well that’s according to the study by British University of Leeds.

These researchers found a direct link to expressing enjoyment and enhanced pleasure.

Surprisingly women are the ones who enjoy “it” more when they hear their partners expressing their joy.

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