Happy Holidays Fam: Love, Give & Be Mary This Christmas


Sevafricans, it’s been a great year together, this year more than any other years, we grew, we learned and we almost flourished as a site. A fresh set of articles and style of writing made our blog exciting to read and the bold lay out was nothing short of beautiful.

I hope we did more than just entertain you; we also informed and educated you which is the main aim of this website and blog.

As we come close to ending this year we at Sevafrica.com would like to wish our readers both old and new a merry Christmas and a fabulous happy new year, thank you for choosing us in a gazillion websites and blogs that exist.

For the coming year many changes will be introduced and we hope you will receive them with open hearts and minds, until next year be marry, be joyous and giving this festive season.

Be sure to keep it logged on all our social media pages, our Home website www.sevafrica.com, WordPress: sevafrica.wordpress.com/ and our Facebook page , for everything educational, entertainment, business and more.

Love Sevafrica team.


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