Rest In Peace Counsel: Advocated Granted A Right To Die


A caper town advocate was granted his wish to die by the city’s high court.

Advocate Robin Stransham-Ford has been given a court order to get assisted suicide.

Advocate Stransham is terminally with prostate cancer.

Stransham-Ford, 65, approached the court because he wanted Fabricus to declare that the medical practitioner who assists him not be held accountable criminally or civilly.

Handing down judgement, Fabricus said Stransham-Ford was mentally competent and freely and voluntarily wanted assisted suicide and the medical practitioners who help him would not be prosecuted.

Judge Hans Frabricus who presided on this case said the order applied only to this case and future cases would be debated on their merit.

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I Foresee Tantrums: The Next Spiderman Won’t Be A Man

spider cries

Sony pictures will not be releasing anymore Spiderman films but instead Spiderman will be replaced by his counterparts.

The film/ motion picture company is adamant on releasing films that feature superheroes that relate more to girls, there of the next Spiderman will be a woman.

A source at the film company told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: “For years it has been all about male superheroes but it’s about time that changed.

“There should be more movies made with girls in mind, this was something that [former Sony Pictures chief Amy Pascal] was very adamant about.”


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Match Made In BeyHivean: Beyonce Fan Makes Boyfriend Take A Beyonce Test & He Passes With Fly Colours

he mayHe survived a Beyonce test surely he can run the world with the girls.

One over excited Beyonce fan couldn’t contain her happiness when her boyfriend passed king Bey’s test that was set to determine the fate of their relationship.

Allie Davis, 21 set out a written exam for her boyfriend of 2 and half years to determine if she was in a right relationship and luckly for both of them he passed the exam with 80%.

beyDavis set out questions about Beyonce, some of her songs and a few about other artists she likes.

One of the questions was for the boyfriend to explain what happened in the famous elevator incident.

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Pimp Juice Files: Kim & Khloe Discuss Their Mother’s Loud Sex Escapade


Just when we thought we’ve literally seen it all from the Kardashians, the reality TV show family has once again left their fans shocked.

the juiceOn Sunday’s episode the girls, Kim and Khloe discuss how their mother pimp Kris Jenner has loud sex with his Ben 10 Corey Gamble. Kim tells Khloe how she woke to the sounds of their mother and Corey having sex.

“The bed bangs up against the wall. I was literally trying to pass out and I woke up and I swear I thought I heard moaning.”

Khloe responds by saying “That’s disgusting. I have the worst visual.”

straight up pimping

Kris has been dating Cody for a few months, after she separated and later divorced husband Bruce Jenner who is on the journey to become a woman.

Go on Kris do your thing, pimps need some play too.