Match Made In BeyHivean: Beyonce Fan Makes Boyfriend Take A Beyonce Test & He Passes With Fly Colours

he mayHe survived a Beyonce test surely he can run the world with the girls.

One over excited Beyonce fan couldn’t contain her happiness when her boyfriend passed king Bey’s test that was set to determine the fate of their relationship.

Allie Davis, 21 set out a written exam for her boyfriend of 2 and half years to determine if she was in a right relationship and luckly for both of them he passed the exam with 80%.

beyDavis set out questions about Beyonce, some of her songs and a few about other artists she likes.

One of the questions was for the boyfriend to explain what happened in the famous elevator incident.

The boyfriend answered “ a billion dollar and Jay z got punched” referring to an incident where Beyonce’s younger sister infamously kicked punched and spit on Beyonce’s husband as a common thief after an award ceremony last year.

The billion dollar part, Beyonce famously rapped “‘of course sometimes s**t goes down when there’s a billion dollars on an elevator.’


After twitter attacked Allie, accused her of being psycho and encouraging her boyfriend to leave her she let it be known that she was only messing with her boyfriend, but still shared the test questions for other Beyonce stands who would like to use the test to determine if they are in a right relationship.

Power OF the illuminati taking over fans too

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