He Didn’t Bank On That: Mob Kills suspected ATM Scammer


An angry mob of hard working community members attacked and killed an individual suspected of terrorizing the community.

The alleged ATM card scammer who was said to have been terrorising the community, which prompted a violent response when residents caught him.

Police spokesman Moatshe Ngoepe said the suspect, identified as Ndofaya Sipho Mhlongo, was caught while allegedly trying to con a bank user who was at the local shopping complex.

The mob beat him to death. Police found his lifeless body at the shopping complex, said Ngoepe.

Ngoepe said: “Community members, who were queuing to take money at that ATM, allegedly noticed his fraudulent activities and they jointly caught him and severely beat him to death with various objects, including stones.”

The attack prompted police to issue a warning against community members not to take the law into their own hands.

The police warned the community against attacking suspects and to instead inform the police about any criminal incidents.

Ngoepe said those involved in mob justice would be prosecuted.


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