Tyga Taught Them: Our Perfect Wedding In Hot Water For Airing Statutory Baeship

mr school rush

Basetsana Khumalo and her gang of reality TV goons are in hot water after last Sunday’s episode of Our Perfect wedding.

The episode of a wedding between Bavelile and former taxi driver now pastor Fanie Mkhwanazi raised concerns, angered and many emotions among the viewers of the popular Mzansi magic show.

Pastor R Kelly Fanie met his young bride when she was just 14 years and he was a 28 year taxi driving mageza.

Fanie proudly detailed how he used to pry on young girls juggling almost 3 in one day everyday with Bavelile in the mix, according to pastor Kellz, Bavelile stood out from his other young lovers because she did everything for him, cleaned, cooked and more.

Though Bavelile’s mother initially didn’t approve of a grown man sleeping with her daughter she gave in when Bavelile fell pregnant by Tyga Fanie.

The episode caused outrage on social media with many questioning how Mzansi magic decided to air this particular episode which among other things “encourages rape culture”, around the time where the country is commemorating the 16 days of activism against women and children abuse.

In a wake of  these outrages the show’s main sponsor ABSA decided to part ways with the show and Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng wrote an open letter and registered a complaint with the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa.

“Rape culture is so normalised and in a country like ours with the type of statistics around rape and gender based violence it is highly disturbing what we were shown on Mzansi Magic last night.

“Perverts and self confessed paedophiles get rewarded with a tv show on the channel and nobody in the production saw nothing wrong with the narrative… we are meant to be standing up for women and children who are abused. How is this episode in anyway assisting with this? How is this empowering to black women and children to stand up for what is right?  When we air shows that use content of rape and rape culture as entertainment we spit on the face of the law and people who are abused,” said Mofokeng.



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