Ghanaian Actress Wearing Four Waist Trainers Faints In A Busy Mall


The demons of waist training have hit the motherland hard and strong.

A well known Ghanaian actress Moesha Boduong caused quite a scare to shoppers and fans when she fainted inside a famous mall.

According to online reports from Ghana Moesha was walking around the mall for almost two hours without buying anything when she fainted in front of a MAC cosmetics store.

Paramedics were called but the ambulance was reportedly held up in traffic for nearly 2 hours and shoppers took it to themselves to assist the fainted TV star, with help of women and men she was carried inside to one of the stores.

The women in her aid decided to undo the curvy star’s maxi dress they were not ready for the shocking discovery, 4 corset waist trainers piled up in her. One by one they removed them and that helped her regain her consciousness, upon her waking up she insisted that she was fine and did not require any medical attention but what was more shocking to Moesha is that she discovered that one of her waist trainers had disappeared to thin air she could not believe that these people had stolen from her.



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