“I am HIV Positive” Charlie Sheen


The former two and half men start has publicly come out about his HIV status, Sheen who has dubbed himself a Rockstar from Mars went to The Today show to share the news.

According to Sheen he says he has known for about four year about his status and has been careful not to infect any of his former partners and flings.

He states he has always been open and used protection with his sexual partners.

According to Charlie, he has been the victim of blackmail by people who offered to keep his status secret in exchange for money.

He said; “I have paid those people, not that many… But enough to bring it to the millions.

“What people forget is that, that’s money they are taking from my children.”

The former Anger Management actor goes on to say he is not entirely sure how he got the virus but can confirm that he has not transmitted HIV to anyone.

He also revealed both his ex-wives were fully aware of his diagnosis.

Charlie admits he has revealed his status to take responsibility to be a better person and to help others, he said; “I’m not going to be the poster man for this, but I will not shun away from responsibilities.”

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