The Kardashian/ Jenner Girls Made A Music Video For Kris & It’s Cute

Can we take a moment to honour Caitlyn’s bathtub moment?

I actually love this video; I think it was the sweetest and most genuine thing ever to be done by these bimbos.

They may be the world’s most loathed family hated for their talent of making money with 2% talent between all 50 of them but I can’t hate on Kim and kos for doing this sweet mediocre of a song for their pimp in charge mom.

The remake on Kris’s own struggle song She loves you by her 66 daughters touched my heart, I mean what do you give Kris on her birth day, one could compile a list of designer bags, more money, more money, more money, paparazzi, publicity, and more money but her kids decided that she deserved that and more.

They are no Beyonce’s or Adele and nobody is looking to put them on top 40 hits but this gesture was lovely even though it was not quite honest, we all know Kris loves her coins, not friends.

I watched it twice and I actually thought it was cute and sweet, like Kendall’s smile in that booth.

This song may fall very short of Kim’s sex tape when it comes to bringing in that COIN but it’s way more decent and dignified.

Disclaimer, it’s not the singing, it’s the gesture.

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