So The Doctors Are Just Chilling? Lance Bass Says The Kardashians Saved Lamar Odom’s Life

ass kisser

He must be one Kardashian fan or he’s just clueless by nature.

Lance Bass an actor and singer full time Kardashian A** kisser has publicly praised the family for saving Lamar Odom’s life.

According to Bass the K Klan should be praised for saving Odom, forget the doctors who worked and continue to work extra hard to make sure he recovers.

According to the singer the Kardashians put their lives on hold to rile up and support Khloe’s estranged husband after he was found unconscious in Nevada W H O R E house, on a suspected drug overdose.

He said: “They’re doing good. I was just over at Kris’ house the other day and – I mean, they put their lives on hold. I give it up to those girls. Love them or hate them, they really stepped up to the plate and saved his life.”

The 36-year-old singer says the family has “high hopes” that the basketball star, 35, will make a full recovery.

He told Us Weekly magazine: “It’s devastating. This is like [Kris’] son and it’s really sad. He’s improving daily, which is great. They have high hopes.”

Lance Bass has said it, the Kardashians not the doctors or your prayers saved Lamar.

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