Jail bird “Sis Ribs” Swears at People, Tells Them To Stop Buying Her Music

sis Ribs

Gospel singer Rebecca “Sis Ribs” Malope is fuming after hackers’ took over her whatsApp, using it to preach nothing but vulgar and pure evil to her contacts.

Our beloved Sis Ribs is the latest victim of cell phone hacking, the merciless criminal/s who has taken over the queen of gospel’s cell phone number is going around telling people that she has been arrested and she needs them to deposit money in a hoax account belonging to the fake sis Ribs, if the recipients of the whatsApp text messages refuse the vile Sis Ribs swears at them, call the bitches and inform them to stop buying her music among other things.

“This is defamation of character,” cried the real Sis Ribs.

According to Daily Sun the gospel queen’s SIM card has been hacked after she did a SIM swap at Vodacom last Monday.

“I don’t know anything about these WhatsApp things.

“I first realised there was something wrong when my daughter Nolu told me I had changed my profile picture and status. She told me my status said I had been arrested and I needed money for bail,” said Rebecca.

She said there is even an account number for people to deposit money.

“If they don’t deposit money the hacker swears at them and tells them that they must stop buying my music.”

She said she got a new phone from Vodacom and her SIM was swapped for a micro SIM. “They transferred all my information to my new phone,” she said.

She told Daily Sun she received an SMS the same Monday notifying her of a SIM request on her account and she immediately phoned Vodacom to tell them not to allow it, as the number belonged to her.


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