No Respect For The Elders: Ghetto Painter Says He Will Not Apologise For Another Naked Zuma

grossRemember the struggle painter who had his 6 minutes of fame by painting a rude painting of Jacob Zuma last year? He has done it again and this time his painting is more daring if that’s a right word for it.

Ayanda Mabulu says he will not apologise for his tasteless attempt of getting another 6 minutes of fame painting of president Jacob Zuma.

“Those who find the painting offensive are the comfortable middle class, not the poor,” the artist said.

Mabulu’s painting, titled Spear Down My Throat (The Pornography of Power), depicts Zuma with his penis down the throat of a woman, who the artist says represents the country, while she is being penetrated by a hyena in a Victorian suit.

At the same time, the woman is also being milked into an urn with an ANC label.

Click here to view the painting is tacky is your thing.

the hate is real

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