They Ain’t Loyal: Prostitute Robs Brian McKnight’s Crew

Never in my wildest dream did I picture myself quoting and agreeing with Chris Brown but today, I humble myself Chris was RIGHT when he said “these hos ain’t loyal”.

While performing in sandy beaches of Cape Town one member of the legendary RNB singer decide to take advantage of other beaches of the city, a technician who cannot be named reportedly invited an escort to his private hotel room for some more than wooooonderful time between breaks.

After some good sex, drugs and other client/ prostitute events the crew member decided to take a nap, then his rented help took advantage of him stealing his laptop and passport and fled the scene.

The source told the Daily Voice while the technician was relaxing, the prostitute grabbed his passport and laptop, and ran.

It’s believed the laptop is used in getting the light just right at McKnight’s live shows.

The alleged thief can be seen on the hotel’s CCTV surveillance footage dumping the man’s passport in a dirtbin before fleeing with the laptop.

Thankfully, the robbery didn’t affect McKnight’s second concert in Johannesburg on Saturday, which went off without a hitch.

Sourced from The Daily voice

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