Blessings, On Blessings: Couple Adopts Triples & Doctors Give Them More News

awww the happies

Look at God,

The couple had been longing to have a baby of their own for years but pregnancy proved impossible for them, instead of giving up they decided to have their child one way or the other and met up with a pregnant woman who was giving up her child for adoption.

Andy and Sarah Justice met up with the mother and when they went for an ultrasound they found out that they will not have one or two but three bundles of joy, they couldn’t be happier.

In a weird twist of fate weeks after bringing their 3 happy and healthy babies home they Sarah began to feel sick and upon her visit to the doctor she found out she was pregnant with twin babies of her own.

Sarah says about her unexpected news “We were very happy. Did we panic a little? Of course. But we were very happy,” she told TulsaWorld. “We really felt this was something God wanted us to do. And sometimes, when you follow God’s will in one thing, it leads to the next thing.”

The Justice family grew from two to seven in less than a year after welcoming Abigail and Andrew. According to the couple, the children go through 84 bottles and 300 diapers a week! While they have their hands full — and barely sleep — Andy and Sarah wouldn’t want it any other way. They consider their babies a blessing, adding that “God has a great sense of humor.”

God is indeed a humorous being.

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