Watch The Video : “Media Liking” South African Traffic Officer Goes Viral

South African traffic officer has gone viral after she handled a certain mister Clive Naidoo an alleged traffic offender like a boss.

A video that posted online by Virgo South Africa recorded by mister Clive Naidoo himself shows the traffic officer and the alleged offender exchange some very unfriendly words delivered in a very sarcastic fashion.

Mister Naidoo asks what is he being fined for after being stopped by the officer for allegedly jumping a robot (traffic light), but he denies this and orders the officer to prove that he indeed did jump the robot.

He then asks her “to make quick because he’s rushing for the meeting” but the officer goes on to inform him, she can’t make quick since she doesn’t work for him.

“you work for me” Naidoo says, “No I don’t work for you replies Mrs. officer but Naidoo insists that she (officer) does work for him since he pays tax, the snappy officer refuses to back down she informs him that she too is a tax paying citizen and maybe her tax pays Naidoo’s maid.

In the midst of their argument she lets him know that she is just too happy he is recording her, since she’s never appeared in “media before” and appearing in media via iPhone is just cherry on top, clear pictures and all that will make her media debut even sweeter especially for her father who has never seen her on TV before.

She then makes her plea with mister Naidoo, asking him to please increase her salary since he is paying her salary, she would really like an increase because she works so hard.

Watch and believe, mister Naidoo was owned!!!

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