Who’s Empire Is It Anyway? Writer Sues Daniels & Fox For “Stealing” His Empire


The US hit show Empire is yet again being sued by another writer.

Jon Astor-White is suing the musical drama’s executive producers Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, as well as Imagine Entertainment and 21st Century Fox, claiming they have ripped off the idea for the show from a show called ‘King Solomon’, which he shopped around in 2007.

TV STILL -- DO NOT PURGE -- EMPIRE: Lucious (Terrence Howard) toasts his family in the

TMZ reports that Jon faxed a treatment for the show – which was about a record executive and his family and their battle over company control – around to various companies and it included a proposed cast list featuring the likes of Richard Roundtree, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, John Goodman and George Hamilton.

He is seeking $500 million from Daniels and co for “ripping him off”

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This is not the first claim that empire is a rip of, one woman from Atlanta Georgia is claiming that Daniels and co stole the “Cookie” charatector from her Sophia Eggleston claims that she is the real Cookie, she is a drug pin and went to jail after ordering a hit on a man, a story similar to the one of Taraj P Henson’s Cookie character Cookie in the series Empire. She is seeking $300 000 from Daniels and co.

Also Marvin Gaye II, son of blues legendary singer is also planning to take Daniels and partners to court and to the cleaners for stealing his idea too.

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