It’s Because I’m Black: Bill Cosby’s Team Reportedly Ready To Use The Race Card To Refute Sexual Abuse Claims


Can’t a brother be black, clean and successful in America, that’s according to Billy Cosby’s spin team if the rumours are true.

According to Radar online, the legendary comedian’s team is ready to cry races to help his image.

Radar Online has learned that Cosby, 78, and his handlers mapped out a media plan during an intense strategy session, which his spokespeople and Washington, D.C. attorney, Monique Pressley, now plan to execute.

Cosby’s team will insist he’s been targeted because he’s black and famous. They are also determined to use terms like “lynching,” “witch hunt” and “persecution” in their public relations campaign to salvage what’s left of the actor’s image, a Cosby insider reveals to Radar.

Cosby’s team hopes the strategy will help their famous client gain the support of African-Americans, including black journalists, who Cosby has said should be “neutral” in their coverage of the scandal.

“Look, it’s not rocket science and it’s not hard to understand, particularly if you’re African-American, that no matter if an individual has fame and fortune, if he supposedly drugged and raped a white woman, he’s very much susceptible to swift and harsh punishment,” the insider said.

Cry us a RIVER BILL.

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