Look At God: Man Abused By A Side Chick He Left His Wife For


A man who left his customary wife of more than 23 years for a “horny” side chick is happy no more.

According to Daily Sun Thamsanqa Mciya left his wife and kids for a woman who showed him flames in the bedroom, but six years down the line he is not as happy and wants to go back to the wife he deserted.

Mcinga 45, of Bloemfontein is being abused by Elsie 50, the news paper reports that it journalists witnessed Mciya being chased down the street by the horny Elsie and she also whipped him with a sjambok.

boss nyans

“I left my family six years ago when I met Elsie,” Thamsanqa told Daily Sun.

“I was taken in by the new love but now my nyatsi has turned abusive and sjamboks me. I want to go back to my family, but my wife is taken.”

He said he won’t report Elsie to the cops.

“I know the cops will laugh at me,” he said.

While the SunTeam was talking to Thamsanqa, Elsie interrupted.

“I’m not abusive but I am very protective,” she said.

“We’ve been together for six years and it’s been good. I love him and I won’t lose him.”

Then Grabbing him by his jacket she yelled: “We are she became impatient. going home and you are coming with me. No one will have you except me!” Reports Daily Sun.

His former wife of 23 told the paper that she will not take the good sex loving Mciya back, as she has moved on with her life and found someone who appreciates her.

“I’m very happy in my new relationship. He chose that woman and he should stand by her.”

Never any words truer spoken by the wife.

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