Call To Reduce Cost And Shorten Funerals

CoffinA group of traditional and church leaders in the Eastern Cape have held a seminar to discuss ways in which the African funerals can be shorted and prices reduced the Daily dispatch reports.

“People make funerals a show-off, from the coffin to what family members wear. It is sad to see how our people are doing such things; we need to stop this trend,” said seminar organizer Bishop Makhosi Ngcoza.

“We should not expect people to attend a funeral from 9am to 3pm.”

Ngcoza said funerals should be nothing more than 2 hours; one of the ways to achieve this is to reduce the number of speakers.

Eastern Cape House of Traditional Leaders chairman Nkosi Ngangomhlaba Matanzima said that in the past, funerals were shorter and families did not spend a lot of money on the event.

He claims there were only 3 speakers, “one would inform the people about the cause of death, the second one would give a word of encouragement to the bereaved family, and the last one would thank those that had been with the family since the day of the incident,” he concluded.
Maybe people should put on their will how long they want the funerals to last.

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