Make Your Little One Enjoy Home Gardening

ola babiesEvery child likes getting messy, consider gardening as a fun activity to allow them to play in the dirt. To make it more exciting you may ask your child what he or she likes to plant. Below are easy steps to help make gardening more interesting to them.

Choose Fascinating Plants

Try planting bright coloured flowers which will attract your children. You can also consider something sweet like wild strawberry, they will love hunting for the small, sweet, delicious fruit. Planting your child’s favourite fruit and vegetables is another good idea, where by your child would be looking forward to seeing it grow.

Let them do the Seeding

Allow your child to plant the seeds. This will make them happy and make them keen on seeing how the seeds can transform into plants.

Challenge them

To keep your child busy with the planting process, allow them to take notes while planting, tell the children to draw pictures of how they think the plants will look, that journal can continue up until the plant starts to grow.

Let them own some of the plants

Put a tag with your child’s name on some of your garden plants, so that your child will feel proud. It will encourage him to plant more by knowing that he is garden owner.

Allow them to play with water:

Kids love playing with water. So allow them to water the garden with a watering can. Inform them why we need to water the plants as well.

It’s ok if they mess up

Allow them to make mistakes, do not shout or punish them if they mistakenly spilled the seeds all over the garden. Since it’s their garden allow them to mess it up and make them clean it up there after.

These tips will help you allow your children in the gardening process and at the same time making it fun.

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