Fruits That You Can Grow Indoors


Four fruit that grow well indoors.


All you need to grow your black mulberry indoors is a large pot and some seed; they grow well in a bright, indirect light in a well-ventilated spot, at 55 to 70°F.


A vine provides shade and looks ornamental trained up walls and across the roof of a hothouse. Ventilate freely to prevent mildew spoiling the fruit. Each winter, shorten the sides.


All you need is middle to large pot and put them in a sunny window, the idea time to grow them is summer, to stimulate early strawberries, pot up plants in autumn in 5- to 6-inch (13 to 15 cm) pots and leave in a well-lit room.


They grow well in pots you need to use a soil-less potting compost over plenty of drainage material.

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