He Told me He Had My “Nice Thing, He Licked It & Put It Back In His Pocket- Woman Tells How Her Then Lover Cut Out Her Vagina

abusedMay this heartless monster meet his match in his “nice years” behind bars.

A 29 year old woman speaks of her ordeal that left her wheel chair bound after her then lover and father of her 3 children cut out her vagina in front of their minor children.

IOL Reports

Mapula Molemone, 29 who is now wheelchair bound told the star of her ordeal shortly after the man accused of mutating her genitals pleaded guilty to the case of attempted murder.

Phuti Malema, 34, has already pleaded guilty to charges of attempted murder. But in the Moretele Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, he insisted that the knife recovered at the crime scene was not the one used by him. He claimed it had been changed by the police.

Malema did not have a lawyer present, he was representing himself in court, though he had already pled guilty to cutting out his girlfriend’s genitals his focus was on the knife that was discovered in the scene, he insisted that it was not the right knife, instead he speculated that that knife was planted by police.

Court proceedings were adjourned until August 5 when evidence of the first police officers who attended the scene will be heard. Malema remains in custody.

Speaking to the Pretoria News by phone, Malema’s then-girlfriend, Malemone, recalled how she awoke in a pool of blood on the morning of April 20 last year after Malema had mutilated her.

She said the attack happened while she was asleep. Their three children a boy, 8, and two girls aged 6 and 4 were asleep next to her.

“I don’t know how or why he did this to me. I just woke up to hear my children and neighbours screaming out loud. I couldn’t even speak or move,” she told the Pretoria News.

“The next thing, he came back and pulled out my vagina from his pocket and told me he now had my ‘nice thing’ with him and then he licked it.

“Thereafter, he put it back in his pocket and went on to boil water, telling me he was going to kill me,” recalled Malemone. Reports IOL.

It is still unknown what happened to her genitals, on the night of the attack Molemone insists that they had not quarreled that night, everything was seemingly fine as he (Malema) had just fetched her and their 3 children from her mother’s house and had not accused her of cheating as he would normally.

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