Get Rich & Die Paying: 50cent Files For Bankruptcy After Court Orders Him To Pay 5 Million


US rapper, actor, entrepreneur and part time petty person Curtis “50 cents” Jackson III has filed for bankrupt after NY court ordered him to shell out 5 millions to Rick Ross’s baby mama. On Monday the rapper filed for bankruptcy in a Connecticut court, reporting assets and debts of between $10m (about R124.57m) and $50m each.

cant affordbutter

The 21 questions rapper posted a sex of Lavonia Leviston, Rick Ross’s baby mama to get one up on the Maybach rapper and Leviston lawyered up and took 50 to court. It is reported that 50 never showed up to court until the sentencing and his bill could go way up.

die paying

Way, 50 is crying broke only after 2 months Forbes magazine named him the 4th richest rapper with an estimated 155 million net worth. How is he bankrupt? According to his lawyers Jackson’s credits are also around the same amount of money so he is a rich guy with rich guy expenses. One question for 50, can you still afford to take Olivia and us to the Candy shop?

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