Idols Premier: The Bluetooth, West life With a Twist & The Titanium Guy


American idol may be out and done with but the South African version of the show thriving.

Last night SA Idols season 11 premiered on DSTV and lord did we have a good time watching the Pretoria leg of the auditions, with new judge the ever busy Somizi “Somgaga” Mhlongo in the panel we got more than a fare share of laughter last night.

Though there were good voices who managed to get golden tickets, in true Mzansi style the contestants who made the headlines and social media topic of interest were the ones competing for the wooden mic title.

From the doctor who sang west life song with a Scathamiya rhythm, someone who was reading lyrics as they tried to sing we truly had it all.

Then there was the national hero Desmond Ninzi, he sang Sia’s Titanium, and Lord was he a soft Titanium, never had anyone sing that song in such a soft out of tune jazz tone.

He might have been bullet proof but it was not strong enough to protect him from shots fired by the panel.

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