Meyiwa Senior Might Not Get Anything From Senzo’s 5 Million While Kelly Stands To Gain

bra samThis is according to the lawyer who handles deceased estates.

Advocate Sifiso Sithole who has a law firm that handles deceased estates reveled this to Daily Sun.

Sithole told the people’s paper that if the late Orlando Pirates number one did not have a will in place his money will be divided among the mothers of his children Mandisa Mkhize and pop star Kelly Khumalo.

“The only time the senior Meyiwa can access his son’s money is if he was nominated in a will,” said Sithole, whose firm handles deceased estates.

Sithole said the only time/ way Sam and any other parent can have access to their child’s money is if they are named in a will.


If there’s no will in place according to estate act, the deceased children get the money, in this case a reasonable sum will be payable to mothers of Senzo’s children and the rest they will access when they reach the age of 21.

In the contrary Sam Meyiwa made headlines last week when he told anyone who was willing to listen that Kelly Khumalo will not get a cent out of his late son’s 5 million, life insurance.

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