The Forbes List: DJ Zinhle Reveals That She’s Popping Tomorrow & Shares Her Hospital Stay Essentials


Extra, extra, sang immature.

Durban born DJ Zinhle revealed in her blog “Moments by DjZinhle” that she will give birth to her baby tomorrow.

“Dear Baby K, your lease has expired and this is your final notice to vacate the womb within the next 24 hours … It is not a requirement that you leave the residence in the condition in which you found it … LOL !!!”, writes the excited soon to be mommy.

The disk jockey who is expecting her first child with troubled rapper Kiernan Forbes AKA Kick a fan, has been sharing with her fans her journey to mommy hood for the past few months on her blog.

On the 8th of July she wrote that she will be delivering tomorrow and shared with them all that she’s bring with her to her ‘private hospital room” booked by her baby’s father.

Among the things in the list are all her favourite teas, her tea cups, Stokke Xplory stroller with the Carry Cot Complete, not just any car sit but The BeSafe iZi Go car chair, music, because duuuh it’s Zinhle and AKA kick a fan


Selected toys form Emporium

Microphones from lullaby rocks

Branded breast milk pumps

MagicMesh car window shades to block Sunday world’s nosy journalist

Done with the endorsement stuff now the necessary things

Clothing for me (Mom)
– Lightweight, front-opening cotton pyjamas (one set per day plus one extra)
– Gown
– Slippers
– Three feeding bras
– Set of clothes and shoes for discharge

Health and Hygiene
– Basic toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.)
– Maternity pads
– Two dark coloured facecloths
– Brush, hairdryer and small mirror
– All chronic medication and vitamins (approved by your doctor)

– Small amount of money (for the kiosk)
– Black pen and copies of both parents’ identity documents for birth registration

– Cell phone
– Camera
– Laptop
– All necessary chargers

– Comfortable t-shirt
– Maternity pads
– Lip balm
– Socks
– Baby powder / oil for massaging
– Energy sweets
– Fruit juice
– Reading material / games


– Five sets of clean baby clothes: vest, baby-grow, wrapper / receiving blanket, socks, beanie (optional)
– One warm blanket
– Earbuds
– One packet of newborn nappies
– Baby wipes
– Petroleum jelly
– Surgical alcohol
– Cotton wool
– Cleansing lotion
– Baby moisturiser
– Baby beanie

Oh and AKA will be with Zinhle all the time, groupies swerve and fans get on stage no kicks for the next day or so.

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