A Second Look At I am Cait Show :Bruce Wants The Kids To Be Proud Of Their Daddy Caitlyn

ms Jenner chile

In My best Funky Dineva Voice: Is it me or Fine Tran Caitlyn Jenner is confusing the kids and us a little?

In a second trailer for her TV show the father of 5 can be seen being emotional, laughing and celebrating with people around him.

I n one scene her mom Mrs. Jenner senior is seen discussing how she felt when she first had about the transitioning. “I first thought oh God, I’ve lost mu son but then I said you know what actually I’m gaining”

bruce now chiuleIn another scene she is emotional and embracing her daughter with ex wife Kris Jenner and late on the confessional she cries and says “I want them to be proud of their daddy”

One thing we learn from this seconds long sneak preview is that Kris’s style has rubbed off Caitlyn as Kim tells her that one her dresses is identical to Kris’s.

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