AKA Is A Best He’s A Problem: Rapper AKA Beats Down A Fan

aka-and-dj-zinhleDJ Zinhle come and get your baby daddy

South African hip hop artist AKA real name Kiernan Forbes is in hot water after he allegedly attacked his fan during a performance on a Durban July concert.

According to twirnalists / Twitter journalists who were present at the show the Congratulate rapper was perfoming his hit song “Jealousy” when a fan jumped in the stage.


Tweeter @vuyomse said: “A fan made his way on stage while AKA was performing Jealousy, but AKA cut the music and kicked the guy and pushed him off the stage.”

@ThulisaKanzi, tweeted: “AKA just moered a fan on stage. I think he was aiming for the guy’s ball sack. #JackBoomTown.”

AKA tweeted this on Sunday after news of him beating up people who feed, clothe and put shelter on his head.“ ‘Fans’ don’t jump on stage and ruin the show for everyone who’s watching it. It’s unfortunate that I ended up having to be my own security. I put an insane amount of preparation into my shows…

“This is my craft, my livelihood, and I take it seriously. Actions have consequences.” He added: The word ‘fan’ is not the right one to use. Someone who does that is not my fan, they are not a supporter. They’re an idiot. Run onto the pitch at a sports event and see what happens to you.”

AKA Casper Nyovest would like to thank you in advance giving him bars for his next hit

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