2 Shall Become One: Marrying Different Cultures


A wedding day is literally a woman’s day. It is all about the bride and she should shine brighter than everyone, but this should be done in a way that accommodates the groom too, which is quite difficult and twice as difficult if the bride and the groom are not from the same culture.

Here we arm you with tips that could help you achieve maximum effect and show case both cultures.

Firstly you must considered things that most important to both cultures. Things like food, dress code, religions and customs that are performed in a reunion ceremony.

When you have considered this, decided which one is more important to both tribes/ cultures and make sure you reserve time for them to be performed on your wedding day.

If you decide to go with the traditional dress code, it is advised to put on your own cultural wedding dress before you say the i do’s and after you have officially wedded put on your husband’s tribal or cultural dress as a married woman.

This is because you are officially married and that means you have accepted your husband’s family yet you haven’t abandon yours.

For the sitting you may if you would like choose to put chairs of the groom’s people on the other side and those of the bride on the other.

When the knot has been tied at the reception area mix the sitting, that symbols two families becoming one, friendship has been made.

Food wise you can have food from both cultures if you want but I recommend having one mutual menu that suits everyone.

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