Rihanna Drops A Video For B!tch Better Have My Money

her money

If you owe Rihanna even a penny, you might want to pick up a phone and call her to tell her you have her money because if you don’t, she’s about to raise hell.

Badgirl Rih, released much anticipated video for her summer smash “Bitch better have my money” and she had us all in owe when the “bitch” she sings about was revealed.

The bitch in question is an accountant, remember back in 2008 when Rihanna was singing about Umbrellas and had hits worldwide but to only find out she only $20 000 in her name? She then went full force and accused her accountant of mismanaging her money?

dang Rih

Rihanna went the court way and sued her accountant and his company for $35 million rands but the court settled for $10 million.

Well it seems though Rih Rih went the legal way she was had a street way of getting her money back incase the justice system didn’t show up for her.

One thing we learned from Rih’s video is she when she wants her money, she goes for blood.

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