Bruh: Rapper Says He Is Proud Of Cutting His Penis Off “It Was The Source Of All My Problems”

If this story doesn’t motivate you not to do drugs nothing will.

West coast rapper who is affiliated with WU TANG clan says he made history of cutting his man meat (penis) off.

Chris Bearer jumped off the building after cutting his penis while he was high in PCP last year.

In an interview Bear proudly disclaim that he made a huge mistake of his life but he is proud of it I’m the only man that did what the fuck I did. And I’m proud of it,” he says. “I don’t think anybody ever did it … I probably made the biggest mistake in history, but I’m proud of that.”

The interviewer asking him what was happening that night, he says he was high on drugs, recording music, had no sleep and was on restraining order and couldn’t see his daughters and sh-t.

“So you were high on drugs” asks the interviewer , “preach” the dumb rapper replied

Dumb FU person.

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