You Better Werk: Caitlyn Jenner Strolls New York & She’s Looking Hot


The father of 10 was the envy of many as she walked the streets of New York where she went to see a stage play with another transgender woman last night.

Ms Jenner rocked 3 looks and she did them all justice, she served sexy & class realness in a navy blue lace dress, her other look was chic and sassy in a floral skirt with a blazer and kitten heels.


Her third and finale slaying look was a Kardashians all time favourite a leopard print dress with black heels, she worked that one better than all her daughters and ex wives combined.


Weeeeerk miss Cailt.


Werk, from the word “werk” meaning as per urban dictionary : A congratulatory declaration of support, praise or approval, for an outstanding achievement in any area of life. Probably for original, sensational or courageous accomplishments in the fields of art, fashion, music, sport and friendship.


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