Fruit Seller Is Tired Of People Calling His Store To Order Apple Products


A friend of mine once said “Life was much simpler when apples and Blackberries were just fruits,” and I’ve found someone who surely agrees with his statement.

Ana England shop owner who says he’s had it with people calling his shop daily acquiring about apple and ipads.

Shop owner Geoff Fisher told the BBC that he was getting up to two dozen calls per week about iphone and ipads.

As the result of you bordering this poor man he has decided to change his shop’s name to make it easier for Apple heads to distinguish between the two shops, which have common telephone prefix and alike names.

His shop will now be called Norfolk Cider Shop.  Mr Fisher did however state that he’s changing the name only to make life easier for him and his apple juice business not because the US apple cellular company put pressure on him.

Life is one complicated apple.

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