The Lord Just Shook It Up & A Man Got Injured: Eyewitness’s Account Of An Accident Is Hilarious.

shook by Lord god

One funny eyewitness statement, Lord we all need a blessing.

Ruby Evans has become an overnight internet sensation after his TV interview describing an accident went viral online.

Evan, who was interviewed by FPX 8 channel about an accident involving a police officer, is nothing short of hilarity. The interviewer asks Evans what happened and he says,” Oh ok I’m a witness here and what I see is horrible tragic situation” he catches his breathe and continues “the guy was coming down and I guess the police was trying to do a stop point and he said no, not today and they began to race behind each other like cats and dogs.

“The police car hit the pole. His hair went the one side and his body went the other side. And this is the results. Lord be with this man, he need a blessing,”

According to Ruby he was on his way to Burger King when he witnessed the drama unfold; “Well, ma’am. I was just going to buy me a piece of burger from Burger King, and I just stopped in the middle because my hunger just went away.”

Because when I seen the accident girl, I just begin to be nosy and I just had to understand that somebody was experiencing this difficulty and the moment that was just not, he sighs ma’am I just can’t be to continue to talk. Ruby says sadly.

He was also concerned about the victim, worried if his life is gonna continue to make it or he will just tap out”.

Good news for Ruby though because according to the reports the POWLICE office done and made it, he is stable and out of the hospital.

We guess he got that blessing after all.

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