A Memory Stick That Connects To All Corners Of Your Life

GIRLMixing business with pleasure has never been this fun, as San Francisco designers Ti Chang and Michael Topovac make mixing business with pleasure legal with their new, one of a kind Duet.

A memory stick that doubles up as a vibrator or a vibrator that doubles as a memory stick, whichever way you want to put it. This one of a kind device comes in three different colors and can store up to 16 GB of memory. The smallest size is the 8GB and is the world’s sexiest memory stick ever.

The joys of these little buddies is that they are small so you can tuck them in your bag along with your make up, since they are not like your ordinary vibrators (huge and embarrassingly ugly and ill shaped) and you can charge them on your computer while doing your work.

Ladies, before you get all worked up about masturbating with a memory stick, remember, this is not your ordinary memory stick. The Duet ensures safety while “working” is taken into consideration. The product is made of body safe silicone and metal so you won’t harm yourself. It has five power level and 4 vibration modes to choose from so you are really spoilt for choice.

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