Caitlyn Jenner Confirms If She Cut Her Male Organs In Favour Of Female Parts

ms sir

Now that the former father of 10 and Olympic gold medalist identifies as a woman complete with a new name, most people are curious if Bruce Jenner now Caitlyn traded his balls for lady parts too.

A page six sources that Caitlyn still have the “Bruce” his balls and could at any given time convert to Bruce if being Cailt doesn’t work.


For just this reason, most doctors advise gender reassignment patients to wait at least a year after their transitions before undergoing genital reconstruction.

“The new vagina can be made by folding in the scrotum and sometimes using a piece of colon, but it is major surgery,” one plastic surgeon told me.

How did she manage to take the famous Vanity Fair pic in a swimsuit without her balls bossing out?

The DR says Caitlyn since Ms Jenner has been taking some hormone pills for a while now her pinis shrinked which make it easy for him to tuck, like all the drag queens have been doing since forever.

this bruce

If being Caitlyn doesn’t work she can quickly stop taking her hormones and the balls and penis will grow back she will be Bruce again.

To sum it up everything Caitlyn has done now is reversible; she can still be Bruce Jenner a father of 10 if he decides to be tomorrow.

Do you Cait, do you boo.

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