Catch am, catch am! Thief, thief, thief! Nigerian Bank Execs Nabbed In $33 Million Fraud


Nigerian financial crime agent arrested 21 people including 3 banks executives and some from the country’s central bank.

According to AP’s report the arrested officials were arrested for the theft of $33 million in Nigerian defaced nairas.

The Economic and Financial Crime Commission said a whistleblower alerted it to the “mega scam.”

“The lid on the scam, which is widely suspected to have gone unchecked for years, was blown via a petition to the EFCC alleging that over 6,575,549,370 naira was cornered and discreetly recycled by light-fingered top executives of the CBN,” a statement said.

Among the suspects are officers from eight commercial banks in Nigeria, including bank leaders Ecobank and Zenith Bank, it said.

It is reported that the crime crew used pieces of cut up news papers to cover up/ replace the naira notes that were made to destruct workers at the central bank.

Those arrested will be charged on five counts in a federal high court this week, the statement said.

Source: AP

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