Always Loving somebody: Are You A Serial Lover?

seriaal her

To help you find where you stand when it comes to relationships and dating, we created a little self introspection with a twist of fun game called “Are you serial lover quiz?”

We’ve heard of serial killers, serial rapist but never of a serial lover. Well they do exist; there are people out there, both girls and guys who are serial lovers. Maybe you are one yourself and you don’t know it. Do our test and find out if you are one of those people who just can’t say no to more love.

  1. On a first date you?

A kiss on a chick

B kiss with tongue

  1. Do whatever if I’m feeling the person why not go all the way
  2. How often do you go on dates?
  3. at least once every week

B whenever a person asks me out

  1. only when I’m single
  2. How many lovers do you have?

A one

B more than 1

C I don’t have a straight partner why commit, when one night stands are not illegal?

  1. Have you ever cheated on your partner?

A only once

B no never

C I’m not cheating I’m just seeing other people

  1. If someone asks you out while you are in committed relationship you

A say yes instantly

B says no I have someone

C if I’m interested I agree

  1. Which of the statements below best describe you?

A I flirt with opposite sex just to make my lover jealous

B I date multiple people at the same time

C when I’m in a relationship I commit and give my all.

  1. When I see a hot girl/ guy while I’m with my partner in a restaurant I

A flirt with him/ her secretly

B gazes a little then turns all my focus to my partner for the whole night

C have them sneak their number to me secretly

8   my current partner is

A which one are you talking about?

B the best thing that has ever happened to me’

C ok but I can do better

  1. Longest relationship I have ever had was

A year and more

B 6 months

C month or less

  1. I have been intimate with number of people

A 3 people

B 1 person

C Who’s counting?

Love calculator

  1. A=1     B=2   C=3
  1. A=3     B=2   C=1
  1. A =0   B=2   C=3
  1. A=2   B=0   C=3
  1. A=3     B=1 C=2
  1. A=2     B=3   C=0
  1. A=2     B=1   C=3
  1. A=3   B= 1   C=2
  1. A=1   B=2   C=3
  1. A=1   B=o   C=3



Hallelujah people like you still exist in this world, you are what I call a marriage material, and you are for keeps your partner should hold on to you. You are most perfect a person we all need. Let’s hope the person you with sees and appreciate you because every guy or girl will kill to be with someone like you.


You are human you make mistakes every now and then here and there , but you can definitely commit to a relationship you just have to look deeper in yourself to find that faithful person you use to be. You are between the faith full type and a serial lover. Few more careless falls you will be a serial lover yourself. You need to get your house in order soon.


Two words for you SERIAL LOVER!! You just can’t say no to love, you have so much love that it has turn into lust. You lust for every person that comes your way. You have a problem that needs to be fixed ASAP you can’t go on like this you have to realise that we all have to choose and settle for one partner you can’t have your bread buttered both ways. Stop loving every

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