Fix It Jesus: Pastor Makes Congregation Strip Naked & Jumps On Them

Jump on them

One made them eat grass and drink petrol another South African pastor has taken things a notch up by making his congregation strip naked.

A pastor of the Soshanguve Church, End Times Disciples Ministries, has come under fire for allegedly using the unusual methods of having congregation members to spread the word.

Photo credit: Facebook

Photo credit: Facebook

Images on the church’s facebook page show Pastor jumping on the church members with a caption “”Total Demonstration of God’s Power >No Pain felt in them, meaning God is with us. To God be the Glory”.

More pictures show church members on the ground with tongues out like they are reptiles and the caption reads “Thursday Service night Demonstration God Power

‪#‎Congregation turned to Snakes

During the service Prophet Penuel commanded Spirit of Snakes to Enter congregation, Indeed demon’s manifestation take place upon them”.

Another picture of a woman with many blankets piled up on her with a caption “Demonstration of God Power
‪#‎Decrease_Temperature (-0 degrees Celsius)

During the service Prophet Penuel command the temperature to decrease into Snow atmosphere, the Congregation began to feel coldness in their Body, themselves started to cover their body with Blankets.This is Sign that God is with us.

To God be the Glory”

People actually allow this man to jump on them? SMH

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