Cruel Intensions: Caregiver Assaults An 84 Year Old Granny

To assault person is just criminal and cruel but to assault a physically unfit 84 year old is inhumane.

A video of an assault in an up market home for the elders in East London South Africa has surfaced

In a video an indentified caregiver well in her late 40/ early 50s is seen assaulting a frail and chronically ill pensioner Hope Shepherd.

Shepherd 84, tries to get up from her bed but the lady points for her to sit down, she does but tried to get up a numerous times, then the caregiver looses it and start beating her up like a common thief.

According to one YouTube comment the granny has been removed from the facility and her assaulter has been fired good riddance and also has criminal charges laid against her, she is due in court on 5 June 2015.

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