Woman Caught With More than R1 000, Worth Of Stolen Groceries In Her Vagina

big kutty kat

Some people are more resourceful than others, Holly Fray was able to stash R1 000 worth of groceries inside her lady parts,

The Pennsylvania native is facing charges and fines after she was caught with stolen goods at Wall Mart.

Viral daily Reports Keen eyed Walmart employees couldn’t help but notice the resourceful thief shoving food up her dress and called the cops.

Officer Charles Langan said that Fray was given a full body search during which several oranges fell onto the floor between her legs.

“I thought she stuffed a bunch of things in her pants so I gave her a fast pat down, when I felt nothing and saw items begin to fall out of her pants, I knew something was up,” said Officer Langan. “A female officer was called in after Miss Fray was brought to the station, and a more thorough search was initiated.”

If I wasn’t a Christian I would call this big ****na having person out of her name

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